Sochi Olympics Horror for Stray Dogs Called “Biological Trash”

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Horror for the stray dogs near the grounds of the Sochi Olympics. City officials ordered a company to round up all the stray dogs and have them killed. Even worse, the owner of the company calls the strays “biological trash”.

Last year, city officials backed down from their request after protests and media coverage. Of course they did, the illusion of Sochi has been growing. But, the owner of the company paid to do the deed has stated that he was told to rid the city of strays by “using poison and traps to rid the city of stray dogs before thousands of tourists and competitors arrive for the Games’ opening ceremony next Friday”.

Stray dogs

Alexei Sorokin, owner of Basia Services extermination company, told ABC News, “I am for the right of people to walk the streets without fear of being attacked by packs of dogs”. Is that a common problem in the area? Are our athletes being warned of rabid dogs roaming the streets? There’s a lot of strays because of people abandoning them because of a lack of money (and Sorokin claims owners get bored with them), and of course they multiply.

Sorokin also added, “Let’s call these things by their real name. These dogs are biological trash”. Clearly the man is cruel by the methods he uses and things he says. Although he claims it’s not animal cruelty, he uses traps and poison to kill the dogs. Supposedly, there was a program at one time to try to adopt out the dogs but it failed.

Stray dogs-pups

In Moscow, there are constant fights between animal right’s activists and “citizen dog hunters” who leave poisoned meat to kill the stray dogs. There needs to be some type of organization by the government. The public needs to be protected but not by inhumane means. Russia certainly isn’t on the cutting edge of rights for anyone or anything, so pressure from international groups needs to ramp up immediately.

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