Sofia Coppola Wants Robert Pattinson–Kristen Stewart Jealous?

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Sofia Coppola has admitted that she wants Robert Pattinson–and in a very romantic way. But Kristen Stewart needn’t be jealous. Or maybe she should be jealous–but only in a professional way. Coppola reportedly wants Rob to star in a romantic comedy.

The Virgin Suicides director Sofia Coppola thinks Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson would be perfect as the star of a “quirky romance dramedy.” Whatever that is. She’s always been impressed with R-Pattz, and she thinks he’d be great in anything–even a genre antithetical to his Twilight Saga success.

“Sofia has wanted to work with Rob for a long time,” reveals an inside source. “She thinks he would be great in a movie similar to Lost in Translation.”

Lost in Translation? Hopefully, the movie Coppola envisions for Robert Pattinson will be better than that sappy, soporific clunker. At any rate, La Coppola also thinks Pattinson has just the sort star power she needs to “resurrect” her own admittedly moribund career. Actually, Coppola’s professional success was always dependent on the famous name bequeathed to her by her famous father. And her career is already far beyond moribund. Currently, its initials are R.I.P. Be that as it may, she sees the Breaking Dawn star as her ticket to–er–back to the A-list.

“She is actually hoping to make a comeback with Rob,” tattles the source. “They have met a few times to discuss the project. Sofia wants to write and direct the film but wants Rob to be involved as much as possible. She thinks Rob has a magnificent sense of humor and wants to show it off. She wants to show everyone his quirky, eccentric self.”

Well, that’s original of her. The world has seen quite a bit of Robert Pattinson’s “quirky, eccentric self” in his interviews and personal appearances. He doesn’t need to entomb himself in the visually excessive, labyrinthine nonsense of a Sofia Coppola film to do that.

And what does Kristen Stewart think of her famous boyfriend becoming Sofia Coppola’s tool–er–muse? Who knows? Hopefully, not much. Hopefully, she’ll try to dissuade R-Pattz from doing a Coppola film.

Of course, Robert Pattinson is a big boy, and he’s obviously smart enough to make his own decisions–professionally and otherwise. Hopefully, he’ll make the right one.

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