SOHO ‘Lifesaver’ UFO First Spotted Two Years Ago? (Video)

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The weird, “lifesaver” UFO first reported this week, has been spotted by an intrepid SOHO hunter on still photography taken from the spacecraft observatory two years ago. What does it mean?

Seeming to dispute the “random collection plate electron” theory offered up by NASA to explain strange objects spotted on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, the finding is intriguing because it shows these events have happened before.

The video, posted to YouTube by an investigator going by the name BeePeeOilDisaster, shows still photography which appears to display the same, ring-shaped object hovering near the Sun, seemingly unaffected by the blazing heat emanating from the star.

But what does this UFO sighting really mean?

Some commenters on the original video adhere to the anomaly theory, saying that strange things happen near stars which are not like anything in the rest of cold, deep space.

Others are open to the possibility it proves the existence of extraterrestrial life capable of withstanding the Sun’s blast furnace and using it to hide from humanity.

Here’s the video:

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