SOHO Satellite Catches Comet Crashing Into the Sun

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Hey, I thought this was kind of interesting for any of you similar minded science freaks like me. Although not the best video/pictures, it shows a comet crashing into the Sun. Too bad it isn’t a closer view showing the impact results like we saw when that comet slammed into Jupiter some time ago, but it’s still pretty cool.

I had never heard of “Kreutz” comets before. According to this article there are more on the way, treating us to some spectacular shows in the future.



The moment comet was eaten up after orbiting too close to the sun


A comet has been captured by Nasa being ‘eaten’ as it flies too close to the sun.

The space agency’s solar-focused agency – Solar and Helioscopic Observatory (SOHO) – captured footage of the Kreutz Sungrazer as it made its fateful approach.

They are believed to be fragments of one large comet that broke up several centuries ago and are named after German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz, who first worked out that they were related.

A SOHO spokeswoman said the agency gathered the footage using a Coronagraph, which blocks the brightest object in an image.

Kreutz Sungrazers are characterised by orbits taking them extremely close to the Sun.


Read more and watch video here~


I had to do a little research to find out more because the article above doesn’t give much information. To read more in depth about “Kreutz” comets, click on this link below~


Enjoy, and take care.

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