Soldier Gives Birth on Front Lines in Afghanistan

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This may be the first time in history that a soldier gives birth on the frontlines. According to a report by ABC news reporter Ines Novacic, a female gunner in the Royal Regiment of Artillery gave birth at camp Bastion to a 5-week premature infant. A new kind of reinforcements are being deployed to the base where the gunner is stationed. This time a team of pediatric specialists is en route to the war zone to tend to the mother and infant.

Since when are pregnant women allowed on the front lines? The Minister of Defense told ABC News that pregnant servicewomen are not allowed to be deployed on operations. The mother proclaims that she had no idea she was pregnant until a few days before giving birth when she started having abdominal cramps. This is a claim that any mother would have a hard time believing. There are just too many signs that go along with a pregnancy not to know that something is different, even if you are on the front lines. It appears that the Royal Regiment needs to make some modifications to its procedures. According to reports, the mother was deployed in March and then gave birth in September to a 5-week premature baby – according to math and biology she would have been pregnant at the time of deployment. This raises questions as to what the military will do to protect its servicemen and women from situations like this in the future.

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