Some Celebrities Need A Reality Check

I'm not going to name names because I don't want to humiliate this man but I had to tell this story because I'm totally amazed at the gall of some celebrities.

As I've said before, I work for a taxi company in Los Angeles.  We have a number of celebrity clients from Bruce Willis to Art Linkletter to MacCauley Culkin to Paris Hilton, etc.  I won't name them all but one celebrity really caused some of us to laugh because of his over the top ego.

We don't have personal accounts anymore because we were having challenges collecting on them so we just have corporate accounts.  Well, this particular celebrity didn't want to have to create a corporate account to arrange taxi rides for his son.  Instead, he had his secretary call our bookkeeper and offer an autographed picture of himself in exchange for the taxi rides.  Can you believe this guy thought his autographed picture was worth payment?  I mean how would his picture help us?

Please understand, we don't have some wall of celebrity client pictures because no one except employees or business people come to our office so who are we going to impress?  How is this picture supposed to pay for the drivers' gas or pay to put food on their families' tables or pay the leases on the cabs?  Is this man so out of touch with reality that he actually would believe his picture is worth free rides for his son?  Come on, get a life!

If I told you who it is, you'd be amazed.  I just think celebrities need to get a clue that the rest of us are not that involved with their lives.  We have lives of our own that are more important to us than their life.

How would you like it if a celebrity offered to give you an autographed photo instead of pay you for what you do for a living?  How absolutely absurd!

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