Some Good News From Knoxville/Update on Missing Kids

Many of you read my articles about the guy convicted of reckless homicide after shooting a teen who was having an affair with his wife. The teen was a student of the wife's.

The wife and the couple's two children, who had been missing for a year, were located today in Texas. The wife, Erin McLean, was sharing an apartment with another teen, her 18-year-old boyfriend. The young children (if memory serves me correct the boys are 4 and 8) are on their way home. A judge has given temporary custody to the paternal grandparents pending the father's sentencing.

This story was featured on Dateline about two weeks ago and many of you commented on how sad this was for everyone, but especially for these two young boys. The Dateline crew actually located the kids. Cameras showed them hanging out barefooted outside a construction site unattended while the mother worked.

The whole ordeal was very said. The young man shot had a rough life before becoming romantically involved with his teacher. The husband was working two jobs and providing most of the care for the sons while his wife completed her teaching degree. So many lives were forever changed by this.

At least these two young boys have been located and will be raised by people who love them and will raise them in a safe environment. In the past, both sets of grandparents have indicated a willingness to work together in raising the boys. After all, these two guys are going to need all of the love they can get.

I don't personally know the families involved. I'm aware only through the media. Still, please join in in sending good thoughts and prayers toward these kids.

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