Some Great US Family Travel Spots

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Ah, summer. School’s out, and kids have plenty of time on their hands. It’s the perfect season for parents to take their accrued vacation time and use it on a family vacation. The Best Family Travel Experts group know that Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando on one coast, and Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood on the other, are top choices for family travel. But in the summer, they are crowded, Orlando is sticky and muggy, and Los Angeles is at its own peak tourist season as well. This year, Best Family Travel Advice recommends that parents plan a different US summer family vacation. From Portland, Oregon to the Berkshires, there are many, many great child-friendly travel spots in the United States. And you don’t need to stand on line for two hours just to get a 10-second photo opp with Mickey Mouse to have a wonderful time!

Of course, overseas travel is also highly recommended for enriching memories for the whole family, as is spending time exploring the US National Parks system. Anything is better than just letting children watch television and play online games during the hazy days of summer. If you can take time off work, plan a family vacation. It’ll give your kids valuable memories, and also something to write about when that inevitable essay is assigned, “What I Did Last Summer,” once school starts up again!


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