Some More Pics from Kenya

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Pics from the Butterfly Pavillion, around Nairobi, Old Town in Mombasa, Diani Beach, & Indian Ocean, taken between 1998-2000.  Who says that a film camera is always better than a digital even when you get the results scanned from the negative?  On the other hand, if you have chance to go there, it will look much better than the pics here, and I don't have to charge you any exhibition fee, lol.



From Butterfly pavillion in Nairobi, many of them pics taken when I was there, are not good.










Kenya also has a Giraffe Center, Arboretum, & Hippo Valley Ranch, of which I can't find the pics :^(


Pics from around Nairobi:










Pics from around Old Town Mombasa:































Pics from Diani Beach:
















Thanks for checking :^)

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