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Donald Trump is talking about Obama’s birth certificate again today. I keep trying to figure out exactly what people mean by the phrase, “produce his birth certificate.” Are they wanting our president to hold it up like a banner in a press conference, or something? Do they want a FOX News camera crew to follow him into his quarters and show him pulling out a document, while a federal agent watches him and then inspects it and declares it real? Do they want him to gather a select group of conservatives and have them accompany him back to Hawaii in a time machine to collect data?

I honestly don’t get it. It’s been online for over three years; it’s in the government offices of Honolulu; it’s been authenticated in writing, for public scrutiny, by the official there; the city’s newspaper archives show a son being born to people with his parents’ names on his birth date; other documents purported to show his birth was in Africa were proven to be forgeries. There’s even a nurse, now elderly, who was in the hospital at the time he was born, and attests to being struck by his unusual name, talking about it at dinner that evening, and writing about it in a letter to her father, who wrote back saying it was both interesting and “lyrical” sounding.

The speculation that Obama hasn’t “produced” the document because he’d be embarrassed that it lists him as either white or muslim is bizarre, because only parents’ race is shown on birth certificates, and religion isn’t listed at all. And the document on record looks just like all the other Honolulu birth certificates during that period, nothing weird or funky about it. The only thing that would be embarrassing to Obama would be the indignity of having to do any of the “producing” sort that, in the end, STILL wouldn’t satisfy the cravings of individuals who are clearly being disingenuous in the first place.

IMO, it’s so cowardly and pathetic to continually raise false issues just because you have nothing positive to put forward on your own behalf. They might as well be saying Obama hasn’t sufficiently proven, to those whose lives depends on it, that he is not a cyborg posing as a humanoid for the purpose of infiltrating and destroying our country. I’m really surprised and disappointed that someone like Donald Trump would feel he has to jump on that broken down bandwagon. And his provision to the media of his own birth certificate obtained from the hospital where he was born, proudly (tauntingly) asserting that it only took him a couple of hours, is just silly. Anyone can get their unofficial ‘mother’s copy’ of what was signed before they left the hospital; yet, there’s not a word in the news about conservatives rejecting it, for any reason.

NOTE: A responder below (Morgan) brought up the matter of Obama having citizenship in three countries, which they believed should have made him ineligible to run for the office of president in the first place. My reply to that assertion appears below, for those who prefer to remain dissatisfied as long as possible.

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