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There was something about him
She didn’t trust, some element
Of his personality
That gave her the creeps,
That made her want to puke.
The sex had been all right
(Not earth shattering,
But there again it never was)
And he’d been polite
And didn’t leave
At break of dawn,

But stayed until she’d woken
From her sleep
(Not looking her best)
And gave her a kiss
And patted her butt
And dressed and went
Without a word
Except a smile
That almost spoke.
She lay and stared
At the Picasso

On the wall
And had a smoke,
And sensed a feeling
Of nausea rise in her throat.
There was something about him
She didn’t like, some
Out of tuneness about him,
Like a melody
Playing in her head
Not quite right;
One with a bum note.

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