Somy Ali: Salman Khan Cheated on Me, But He Never Hit Me

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Somy Ali, a former Bollywood actress who is best known for having dated Salman Khan for eight years, has opened up about her relationship with the star and reveals the truth behind the decades-long rumor that she was abused by Salman.

Now 35 years old and working as an activist for abused women, Somy Ali reflected on her time in the Hindi film industry during a recent New York Times profile. She went to Mumbai when she was fifteen, with the goal of marrying Salman. Thanks to a series of lucky encounters, she soon found herself working in Bollywood and not only starring with Sallu, but dating him as well.’s never been particularly open about that experience, but she took the opportunity this week to clear the air about the rumor that Salman Khan once became so angry with her in public that he smashed a glass bottle over her head. The incident is often brought up as evidence of Salman’s erratic and abusive behavior towards women, but Somy Ali clarifies that the entire story was a media fabrication.

She claims that Salman was merely very protective of her, and when he saw her drinking a rum and coke in a bar with friends, he got angry and poured the drink out on the table to prevent her consuming any further alcohol. The story was twisted by a journalist and has been spread around ever since.

But was Salman Khan an angel? Absolutely not. Somy reveals that while he wasn’t abusive towards her, he did cheat on her. He began seeing Aishwarya Rai Bachchan towards the end of his relationship with Ali. It should be said that Salman has been accused of being abusive towards Aishwarya Rai as well, which is probably why so many people believe the stories surrounding him and Somy Ali.

Salman clearly still has a soft spot for his old flame—he organized $150,000 to be donated to Ali’s charity organization, “No More Tears,” when he heard the project was drastically short on funds. No doubt that sort of kindness and loyalty are what initially attracted Somy to Salman to begin with. Sometimes the warmest friendships come from failed relationships.

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