Son: 86-Year-Old Mother’s Death Was Sympathy Killing

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Son: 86-year-old mother’s death on Saturday was what she wanted. The suffocation of his mother, the son claimed, was a sympathy killing. The Brooklyn man suffocated his 86-year-old mother by holding a pillow over her face. Believing she was dead, he then called the police. Yet his mother, Frida Tsirinsky, survived for another 24 hours before dying in a hospital on Saturday. Yefim Tsirinsky, her son, was charged with second-degree murder and first- and second-degree strangulation.

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At about 8:00 on Friday morning, Mr. Tsirinsky called the police station and, according to a law enforcement official, said “I just smothered my mother; I just suffocated my mother.” Police arrived at the Coney Island apartment to find Frida Tsirinsky unconscious and unresponsive — but still alive — in her bed.

The sonsÂ’ story about his 86-year-old mother’s death is that his mother didnÂ’t want to live any longer and asked him to end her life. The official said, “HeÂ’s got a story. He says, ‘My mother asked me to kill her, so I did.Â’ He said she came in and said she told him she didnÂ’t want to live anymore.” The official added: “He thought he finished it.”

Okay – let’s pause for a moment here. Say his story is true. Wouldn’t it be a wise idea to either have her put it in writing, or call someone before the kill to explain the situation and ask for advice, so as not to get charged? Let’s face it, he had to realize he was committing a crime, regardless of whether his mother may have asked him to end her life or not.

Officials said the attack took place while the mother was awake and lying in bed, but that there did not seem to be a struggle. The police said they had no record of officers having been called to the home in the past.

Neighbors said Mr. Tsirinsky seemed devoted to his mother, who used a wheelchair. He would often take her to a terrace on the floor so she could get fresh air.

Donald Solomon, 71, who said the Tsirinskys had been his next-door neighbors for 5 to 10 years, said “I’m shocked. He looked like he was so dedicated,” he said. “I guess he just went off.”

Perhaps the son was telling the truth about his 86-year-old mothers’ death. If so, it is unfortunate that an alternate solution was not reached. Even if his mother got her wish to not live any longer, now her son will be charged with her death – a situation that never should have occurred.

What do you think – is it plausible he is telling the truth?

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