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(psalms flowing as river from my heart)

Ato Gitaye,

Like a cub

Born of the pride

Borne of our hot Pride

You come to your mother and I

From Spirit highlands,

Where the grass, rustling rhythmic, crescendos into

Original beats, tribal rhythms and spirit sounds

Splendid and long;

the Sun is powerful all day, all day, all day long

offset only by cooling ocean breezes

of neighboring port celestial territories

with nomeclatures as Paradise, Seven and Heaven.

I prayed for you, my son, 10 years,

Before you came this side of reality.

The visions and dreams

In which you are clear

Were not only fortuitous

But absolute in their representation.

Of your physical-

Yes, I knew well before you came to me, again.

Ato Gitaye, when you smile, so my soul does

Pleased, proud and strong-


for I have my rejoinder in this lifetime-

I am connected to the Infinite, in body,

Through the Hope that is you-

Yes, the burden I carry

Will somehow, in some manner of being, be lifted by you

As I carry on the good fight for

My father and the generations

That came before us.

‘Neurologist-surgeon’, ‘leader’,

‘Strong man’, ‘man of the people’,

‘Fisher of men’, ‘athlete’, ‘evangelist’-

‘Good’, ‘blessed’, ‘happy’ ‘man(De-eeeeuh! at only one and a half years old!)

Are the designations coming from folks

Minds, hearts and lips

Subconscious psyche

As they measure your potential,

Adorning your cheeks with kisses,

Lifting with reverence and kissing the back of your hands,

And stack the possibilities against the measure of your stature-

A giant man, long before you are ever one-

As they speak easy the possibilities

You explore everyday without so much as whim.

You do the impossible easily, my son,

A man of the future

Born before his time

Exactly on time-

Everything you do is magical miracle; everything you do is wonder filled

Everything powerfilled, power full

Everything you do is blessed.

Yes son,

In those visions

Of previous lifetimes, previous visitations

Of that place from whence you came-

Calypso harmonies over-layed with salsa beats

Inlayed with uleles of spiritual praise

As congregations of our people clamor for you to make your mark

Make the work of the spirit force, Egziaber manifest.

As I hear you coming in my dreams,

The sound of your feet stepping slowly, then quickly, is the blood packing my head;

and when I remove my spirit from my body

And look at you though spirit vision

I, see

Curiosity, strength, beauty, majesty, massive intellect, strength of character


You mark your spirit

In Everything you do, in all you whom you touch- wonderful; everything you do, blessed.

Ato Gitaye,

We awaited your arrival.

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