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To sing…
It was and has always been a very natural form of expression to me. My mother would sing a blend of gospel and opera and it was the purest sound I’d ever heard. She really put her heart and soul into each note, her phrasing, her diction, her song selection… I witnessed singing as a form of magic through her. When she would sing people would cry out, gasp or bury their faces in their hands. It was natural to sing. My Grandmother sang with a Bluesy style, My Aunt sang with a Jazzy style, I wanted to speak from my soul too so as a child I learned to sing. The healing power of music is what made me choose it as a career.

I approach Motherhood as a love, as a holy work. I am so honored to be a Mom! I dreamed many dreams as a child but the one that I ached for the most was to be a Mom. At one time I didn’t want to sing, just be a Mommy. I’m smiling and getting giddy. LOL! I am a Dancer, I just became a member of Dallas’ African dance company, Bandan Koro. I am so excited about that! I’ve never seen as much excitement, pure joy and excellence combined in one dance group. I can hardly believe I got in. HA! I am also a writer. I love literature like I love music. I can get into a book and get lost. It has this amazing ability to capture and arrest your senses. I hope to write novels when I retire from Music. I write poetry and songs although I have a play that is almost complete. I started writing it when I was 21. Unfortunately it is a coming of age story and I haven’t quite come of age! LOL! Once I do, I’ll finish it. LOL!
My Public Beginning:
… there was the children’s choir in church but I officially started standing out from the crowd when I was in the 8th grade. I was terribly shy but I forged through, bombed a few times and then had a paying gig along with my mother called, “Brother Dap” and once you get paid you’re officially a professional. LOL!
Making music, culture, art is my calling. I knew this at a very young age but defied it for a long time. I had horrible stage fright. I was a very shy person. I had to really step out of my comfort zone. I tried giving up repeatedly but when you are born to do something it doesn’t leave your heart when asked to. It lingers quietly until one day you feel like exploding. That’s when you remember, ‘That’s right, this part of who I am.’

Understanding. I’m so
blessed. Life has ups and
downs and I get that. It’s never over and I know that. This life, this gift, is an opportunity, a privilege. I’m grateful for my family living this life with me. God is good. So good.

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