Sonja Morgan Accused of Diva Behavior

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Sonja Morgan seems like one of the nicer Real Housewives of New York stars, but is it all an act? A new report claims that she was acting like a total diva on Friday night while having drinks with friends at Southampton Social Club. Is it a rumor or is fame going to his housewife’s head?

According to the New York Post, Sonja and her friends were hanging out at VIP cabana with a bottle of booze and when the waitress arrived with the bill, Sonja allegedly stated, “I never pay!” The report goes on to say that the owner ended up giving her a discount but demanded she pay — or else!

It doesn’t really sound like the Sonja fans watch every Monday on Bravo. That Sonja may be wild, but she doesn’t seems like one to refuse to pay for a night out. Sonja is speaking out about what really happened.

“When the bill came, we saw it was almost $400 and said that doesn’t seem right,” Sonja said, adding that the owner had offered to “comp a bottle” when she and her friends arrived. “We had a normal conversation. We said the bill was too high. He said it was OK and apologized.”

Sonja says the drama that went down was actually later in the evening when a few crazed fans rushed the VIP section she was in. “Ten girls and three boys jumped the rope into our private section. This girl grabbed me. My intern had to tell her, ‘Don’t grab her!’ I got a bruise from this girl.”

Who knew Sonja Morgan was so famous that fans are attacking her?! That sounds more like something that would happen to Justin Bieber.

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