Sonja Morgan Refuses To Attend Charity Event Because Aviva Drescher Would Be There

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Sonja Morgan and Aviva Drescher’s relationship took a turn for the worse on last Monday’s episode of Real Housewives of New York; and although that scene had been filmed months ago, it doesn’t look like things have improved with these two. In fact, things are still extremely tense.

According to the New York Daily News, a source at last Thursday’s 13th Annual BNP Paribas event says Aviva was heard telling a few of the other guest that her co-star, Sonja, had cancelled her appearance at the event because of her being there.

Ironically, their feud had started over a charity event that Aviva was hosting and Sonja was to attend. Sonja also cancelled her appearance at that event, claiming that her dog was sick.

“It’s unfortunate that I deterred Sonja from coming to a great event. There was lots of alcohol and food,” Aviva later said. Sonja is never one to miss a party but when it comes to charity, she seems to be easily deterred.

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