‘Sons of Anarchy’ – NS Season 3 Finale (graveyard)

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ – NS Season 3 Finale

While the “NS” can refer to many things such as Kurt Sutter is for the love of symbolism and hidden meanings, the Sons of Anarchy season 3 final was reduced to a director – natural selection. “The survival of the fittest.” Yes, both letters have obvious implications of what history refers to (Charlie Hunnam), ring Jax and the tomb of John Teller (Nicholas Guest), but we’ll go back to that. For now, the philosophy of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer are kings.

In an important gesture, SAMCRO killed two major players in the history of the Sons of anarchy. Agent Stahl (Ally Walker) and Jimmy O. (Titus Welliver) were killed at the hands of Opie (Ryan Hurst) and Chiba (Tommy Flanagan). Clay (Ron Perlman) knew. Gemma (Katey Sagal) has not. Maybe you could say you saw this coming. Hale (Jeff Kober) moving in a mayor, it was time for evolution. Season 1, Stahl has continually managed to cheat death, leaving many bodies buried in his ascent to the summit. The children did the same thing, but with two opposing forces facing each other, only one can survive.

Unfortunately, survival SAMCRO occurs in the loss of one of the best actors and characters in Sons of Anarchy. Ally Walker Stahl agent provided that the diabolical evil SAMCRO been over a motorcycle gang. They became a family of anti-hero. Stahl is the law, which does not always follow the rules. So who has the legislators? SAMCRO. Because Stahl, Donna Opie, the woman died, Cameron Hayes (Jamie McShane), the son was killed, killed half Hayes bag to avenge the murder of his son (apparently by Gemma at the time) Abel and kidnapped his son replace Hayes. When children without Stahl? The scene at the beginning of “NS” said it all. Instead of remorse for his girlfriend murdered, Stahl plays his empty bed and smiled. It was pure evil and without remorse for his actions.

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