‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 4 – Recap of ‘SOA’ Premiere

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“Sons of Anarchy” season 4 begins 14 months from where the last season left off and a lot has changed in that time, both with the club and the people they left behind at home. The boys roll into town when the episode opens, as they make their way back from prison.

Tara gave birth to Thomas, while Jax was away in prison. And now that they are a family of four, Jax slips an engagement ring into the baby’s hand to give Tara. She says yes, which doesn’t surprises anyone, as these are two people meant for each other since they were kids.

Jax wants away from Charming and the “Sons of Anarchy” club. SAMCRO is not the life he wants for his kids and he and Tara plan to save up the money and start a life somewhere away from the madness. Somehow, the viewers already know that this is not a viable possibility anytime soon.

Gemma and Tara are like mother and daughter as the two have bonded while Jax and Clay were away in prison. Tara knows the secrets about Jax’s father and she is given a warning from Piney to leave history alone.

One very sad change comes from Sheriff Wayne Unser. He is sitting alone in a dumpy trailer, where he is suffering from cancer with one lone pot plant giving him enough marijuana for the pain. Gemma goes to see him and can’t believe the mess she has found him in.

A new sheriff has been hired for the sole purpose of disbanding the “SOA” club. He has experience in breaking up gangs and this is what he plans to do in Charming, but he has another thing coming. “SAMCRO” is nothing like the inner city gangs he is use to.

This season’s “SOA” is getting back to its roots in Charming and the globe-trotting is over from last season. The problems this season will be between the club members, with Jax and Clay eventually involved in a power struggle on what direction the club will go in.

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