Sony PlayStation Network Down Again: PSN News and Store Update for PS3 Users

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Last night, gamers found the news of Sony PlayStation Network down again. The good news in the latest PSN update is that PS3 users won’t be without service for a month like the last time.

Original model, DualShock 3 controller and Slim modelThe PlayStation Network was down briefly this morning for maintenance, causing members of PSN to worry. However it was restored, and now there is news it may be down again, but to create a better version. A report from Washington Post talks about the PlayStation Network being rumored to get a makeover. The new PSN will work on issues such as difficulty navigating the menus, which are also considered “too busy” by users. There is rumored to be a new graphical interface on the way, along with search suggestions similar to what Google has online.

Meanwhile, the Sony PlayStation Store continues to update with great new content. Announced on the PlayStation blog Tuesday were several new games, themes, avatar and other media that have been released. These include Alien Zombie Death mini, Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar and Bomberman Ultra, as well as a MegaMan avatar bundle. Some users have been enjoying a free PlayStation Plus membership which gives them access to even more great content. This was one of the benefits of staying with Sony and the PlayStation network during its major down time.

The latest Sony PSN issue was simply maintenance though. So have no fear PS3 gamers, the PlayStation Network down news was far less severe than the last bout when hackers caused Sony to pull the network down for a security overhaul. However, keep in mind another overhaul is in the works, but this may only be a brief bit of down time to put up a much more user-friendly experience.

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