Sony PlayStation Network Down: Is PSN Back Online? May 6 Update

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As the news of Sony PlayStation Network staying down continues on May 6, 2011, the latest PSN back online updates continue. Frustrated members of the service are hoping for a restoration of service as early as Friday in some regions.

Original model, DualShock 3 controller and Slim modelAs of this report, Sony PlayStation Network is still down at 1:23 PM EST. In a May 6th update reported by Jessica Lauren of Wager Run, she notes that Sony has not given any clear deadline or timeframe of when the PSN will be back online. The problem has now lasted for two weeks, and has members pulling out their hair, or taking out their offline frustrations on video game enemies.

The latest update at PlayStation blog isn’t much clearer on any sort of definitive time for members to be back online. Howard Stringer, chairman and chief executive of Sony, notes “In the coming days, we will restore service to the networks and welcome you back to the fun.” One has to question what Stringer’s definition of “fun” is. It certainly doesn’t include weeks of down time without one’s favorite online gaming scenarios.

It’s apparent that Sony is being extra-cautious over this entire matter. They were clearly unprepared for the cyber hack and its resulting consequences. So the time-consuming task has a pay off for those who are patient, even stock traders. As of this report, Sony Corporation stock is actually up +0.29, but with the PlayStation Network back online and better security in place, it may be even more attractive to investors.

For now, customers can only wait, playing offline versions of their favorite games until the PSN service is finally restored.

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