Sony PlayStation Network Down (PSN): The CEO (Finally) Speaks!

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Finally, with the Sony PlayStation Network down, CEO Howard Stringer addressed the PSN debacle. In a letter, the company’s leader provided updates and reassured PS3 and Qriocity members restoration of service is not far off.

After being AWOL since the network outage took place two weeks ago, its CEO gave some insight into the state of affairs, service restoration, and compensation, to name a few.

Obviously, mounting pressure prevailed in efforts to have the MIA CEO come forward and give its own State of the Union address to members of the hacked PSN.

Howard StringerThe letter, released today, was largely apologetic, a bit pragmatic, and well-written.

With the Sony PlayStation network down in its second week, Stringer spoke gingerly.

Among other things, he said the company is working round the clock to bring the PSN back online as quickly as possible.

However, he came short of giving a time frame.

He only mentioned in “the coming days.” Fair enough; at least that provides a glimmer of hope.

To his credit, the PSN down incident is bigger than anything ever seen.

And while some allege the database lacked a firewall and was out-dated by today’s standards, hackers are always one step ahead.

He quelled rumors that the company deliberately “withheld” information until the last-minute about knowledge of the criminal intrusion.

The CEO said that a proper handle on the matter was the first order of business to know what caused the breach. Again, fair enough, but a simple message to PSN members to beware of their credit cards was in order.

But according to the good CEO of Sony, at this point in the investigation, “there is no confirmed evidence any credit card or personal information has been misused, and we continue to monitor the situation closely.”

For what it’s worth, the letter was a huge step in getting the information to the 100 million or more subscribers of the hacked Sony PlayStation network. It’s down, but not out.

What do you think about CEO Howard Stringer (finally) coming forward? Is it rhetoric, or is there something to look forward to?

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