Sony PlayStation Network Down: PSN Update 3.61 Online for PS3 Users

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After weeks of waiting for some good news in the Sony PlayStation Network down situation, there’s finally a PSN update available for PS3 users. That update means a system update for all PS3 owners which is critical before service officially is restored.

This news comes from the official Sony PlayStation blog on Saturday May 14th. The latest post notes that all PS3 users are urged to complete this latest software update, version 3.61. Part of this update will include resetting login information of username and password. This was something Sony mentioned during its press conference several weeks ago as an imperative step to provide better security for all users in the future.

To perform this PSN system update, anyone who has used their Sony Playstation 3 with the PlayStation Network will need to go to the main screen, “Settings” and then choose “System Update.” The latest 3.61 update should be discovered. Users will then accept a new user agreement and choose for the PSN update to download. This should take several minutes but has been labeled a critical step to make each individual’s PSN account even more secure. It was noted on the PlayStation blog that users will also receive an email at the account they signed up for PSN with, giving them instructions on how to reset their login info.

Sony has been working behind the scenes to strengthen its overall security following the cyber intrusion which occurred between April 17th and 19th, 2011. The PlayStation Network was taken down by the company on the 20th, and for weeks gamers have waited in anticipation of getting the service back. While most games can be played offline, many users enjoy the online multiplayer environments and additional content available. With the news of this update, it’s a great big step towards getting the network restored for all involved.

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