Sony PlayStation Network Down: When is PSN Back Up Online? May 7 Update

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Video game fans will once again wake up to find Sony PlayStation Network down on May 7, 2011. This has many wondering when will the PSN be back online officially? Unfortunately, new reports have shed light on further delays from the Tokyo-based electronics company.

While users play their favorite PS3 game offline, security is still the top priority for the PSN service. On Saturday, Reuters has reported that the Sony company has removed names and addresses of 2,500 sweepstakes contestants from the internet. This data had apparently been stolen by cyber hackers and then posted on a website. In addition to those names and addresses at least three “unconfirmed” e-mail addresses were posted on the inactive website.

This data was the result of a 2001 contest that members entered for various products. Sony noted that the website they discovered was out of date and inactive. Still, in the wake of all that has happened, making sure this private data was wiped off the face of the world wide web was imperative to protecting these members and their privacy.

The company has now delayed the restoration date for getting PSN back up online further. While previous reports had the PlayStation Network service back up online this week, there is no firm date as of this report for when it will happen. This may be bad news for video game fans who want to play Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat online, but to use a common cliche, “better safe than sorry.” Sony seems to be saying “sorry” a lot, so now it’s time to make things safe and get them online ASAP.

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