Sony PlayStation Store Update: PSN ‘Welcome Back’ Package and Free PS3 Game

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A new Sony PlayStation store update has recently been announced for the PlayStation Network members. While the PSN “Welcome Back” package continues, it appears there will be a new free PS3 game available for gamers and in a big way.

Vg icon.svgThe free game, according to PS Blog, will be a classic too. Sony PlayStation Network will be giving away free copies of Tetris to PS3 gamers. It gets better though, as they will be giving it a major makeover. That’s right, Tetris 3D will soon be available, allowing for video game fans to enjoy the classic on their 3-dimensional television sets. Tetris is the classic fast-paced, vivid color building block strategy game which has survived generations of gamers and video game systems. Sony will be giving away the free game codes via its PlayStation Twitter profile.

The Sony PSN and PlayStation Store “Welcome Back” package continue to try to keep customers loyal. This latest freebie is part of the network store, not necessarily a “Welcome Back” addition. The question is, is Sony doing enough? Fans are being treated to a wide variety of content, game downloads, demos and even free movies or videos. However, some gamers have expressed disappointment across the PlayStation blog related to what is being offered. The biggest examples of this are the selection of games and movies which many people either already own, have defeated, or seen over and over. However, Sony adding updates such as a Tom Clancy demo and now a 3D Tetris may be a good sign of more good “free” things to come for those who stick around.

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