Sony Promises PlayStation Network Back Up This Week

The Sony PlayStation network has been down for about two weeks. The PSN hack has frustrated PS3 owners to no end. Now Sony has promised to have it back up sometime this week. Do you believe them?

Sony PlayStation Network Back Up This WeekSony’s recent blog post said they “will shortly begin a phased restoration by region of PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, beginning with gaming, music and video services to be turned on.” PS3 users have no doubt missed these services, but will the company be able to protect user data once the PSN is back up?

Overall with the PS3 PSN hack 77 million user accounts were affected. Then, they realized that Sony Online Entertainment was also hacked, which adds an extra 25 million accounts to the mix. There is no word that the new information affecting Sony Online Entertainment will affect the PlayStation Network going back online this week.

Are you one of the PS3 owners affected by the PlayStation Network being down? If so, do you intend to take advantage of Sony’s “Welcome Back” plan?

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