Sony PS3 Error 8001050f – Playstation Network down

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Video gamers who enjoy the use of Sony’s vast online gaming world have noted that a recent Sony PS3 error 8001050f has the Playstation Network down.  This has made it impossible for many users of the system to get online with games, and in some instance has prevented the use of online games which require data synchronization online.  The issues have been addressed via various updates on the official Sony Playstation Twitter and blog sites.

The 8001050f error on the PS3 may appear as either of the following according to the official Playstation blog:

“An error has occurred. You have been
signed out of PlayStation Network (8001050F)”.

“The current date
and time could not be obtained. (8001050F)”

Other errors that users have experienced include the inability to synchronize trophy data with games, resulting in a message that asks the user to exit the game.  Another error may have the PS3 system date reset to January 1, 2000, or prevent playback of certain videos that were rented from the Playstation online store.

In today’s blog post updated by Patrick Seybold, the Senior director of Corporate Communications & Social media, he noted that Sony is hoping for a fix within the next 24 hours.  Seybold also noted that the problem seems isolated to older models of the PS3 and not the newer “slim models” which are 120 gigabytes or 250 gigabytes in storage size.  The Playstation network down and Sony PS3 error 8001050f problems may have since been resolved, and gamers may now be enjoying their favorite online gaming environments.  If the problem persists, Sony could be dealing with many more upset customers over the course of the night and early Tuesday. 

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