Sony Sued in PlayStation Network Down Crisis – Will You Join Class Action?

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The PlayStation network down crisis thickened for PS3 Players. Sony Corp. was sued following its announcement on yesterday of a data breach. The possible class action focuses on data encryption, negligence, and withholding information.

Over 77 million subscribers to the popular online co-op video gaming service and Qriocity, experienced an “external intrusion” aka data breach from a hacker. Accordingly, one in the bunch took legal action against the electronics giant.

250GB Slim PS3A lawsuit was formally filed in a U.S. federal court in California by a PS3 subscriber from Alabama. Kristopher Johns, 36, accuses Sony Corp. for holding back vital information about the cyber attack on the PlayStation network that forced it down.

The lawsuit contained language that the company failed to take “reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data of its users.”

Although an “insider,” who claims he is an employee, said the rebuild and update of the PSN network will include some “awesome features,” the olive branch potentially is not enough to quell the tide of lawsuits from the PlayStation Network down mess.

Is Sony sued for monetary gain? You betcha! Recent data show Sony banks about $500M from the PS3 network. But that’s not the only focus of this lawsuit.

A bigger issue is at play here is about corporate responsibility. A recent letter from a U.S. lawmaker to the company’s top brass spoke volumes about what is at stake.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut wrote a letter to Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton, and informed him about his dismay in not notifying customers about the data breaches the moment it discovered the hack.

With his backing in the lawsuit in the PlayStation network down crisis, PS3 players may get the relief they deserve from the negligent handling of the data breach.

The class-action lawsuit against the Japanese electronics giant stands to exact a heavy monetary toll on the company. Will it be enough to create positive change? Will you defect to Microsoft’s Xbox Live?

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