Sophia Loren Celebrated by Hollywood Elite Wednesday

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Sophia Loren may have been a bombshell fifty years ago, when she won an Oscar for a foreign language role in the Italian film Two Women, but in Hollywood Wednesday night, she proved she’s still got it.

Loren, who has somehow (seriously, what’s your secret?!) managed to keep her trademark hourglass figure intact, looked remarkably fresh-faced for her 76 years when she arrived to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tribute to the starlet. Also in attendance and showering the actress with praise and compliments was John Travolta, Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks and Roberto Benigni. Though many former friends and colleagues have long since passed on, those that were there were some whose entire careers were influenced by Loren and those who were her co-stars, lending a sense of great appreciation and admiration to the celebration.

Sophia Loren, 1955

As for Sophia Loren herself, she finds it “hard to imagine that 50 years have passed since I welcomed my Oscar to my home.” The actress was notably absent from the 1961 awards ceremony where she was named the first recipient of the foreign language award, having “never dreamed an Italian in an Italian-language film would earn the movie industry’s highest honor.”

Though the ceremony did not take the place of the missed award show fifty years ago, hopefully it served a meaningful celebration to the oh-so-deserving Sophia Loren, who spent much of the evening dabbing away tears from her eyes as film greats of both today and yesteryear paid homage to the gorgeous screen icon.

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