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Yesterday morning, one of the first customer to come through my till had her toddler with her shopping.  The little boy was sitting in the seat, not moving, not talking, not doing anything but sitting there looking around.

I say, “How are you this morning?”

She responds, “I’m in HELL, stuck with my bratty 2 year old.”

“Oh,” I told her.  “I would LOVE to be at home with my own bratty 2 year old right now.”

And that was the end of any small talk during our transaction.

The little boy never did make a peep, or even try to grab stuff off the counter like tons of kids his age do.

It made me angry all over again how the injustices of parenting are so widespread.  Here I am wanting more than anything to be a stay-at-home mommy, even WITH Parker’s constant temper tantrums, and here she is, out shopping in the middle of the week with a baby who is currently well-behaved, and she is talking about how she is in hell because of it.

As she left the store I wished that her little boy would be a huge Parker sized brat for the rest of the day.  If she was going to complain about being able to spend time with her son he should at least give her something to complain about.

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