Soundtracking: 1000 Member Celebration!

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1000 Member Celebration !

Soundtracking is a weekly column featuring indie, alternative, and all around amazing music – published by music correspondent Laura Cushing on Soundtracking includes interviews, CD reviews, band and concert news, music trivia, playlists and much more!



This week on Soundtracking: 1000 member celebration!

This week, our Soundtracking group reached 1000 members! To celebrate this milestone, this week we are spotlighting some amazing member content. In addition to being the place I publish my weekly Soundtracking column, the Soundtracking group is also chock-full of wonderful articles, videos and photos submitted by group members on a daily basis. The Soundtracking group was created on March 31, 2007 and reached 500 members the week of May 28th, 2007.  And here we are in the second week of November at 1000!

If you’re ever in the mood to browse some excellent articles, videos, and photos, just visit us at Here’s a guide to some of the great content you’ll find in the Soundtracking group:




Musician Content:
Many talented musicians publish to Soundtracking! Are you connected with all these folks? They’re amazing!


Bon Jovi: Famous New Jersey natives Bon Jovi are new on Gather, but they’ve already published a couple of articles. Read a New York times review of a Bon Jovi concert, or send a funny Bon Jovi E-card.

Danielle de Niese: See Opera star Daniele de Niese’s video and a photo of her new album. An Australian born soprano, she is now residing in the United States and signed to Decca records.

Alison Krauss: Singer Alison Krauss published this article which offered Gather an advance listening opportunity for her new album with Robert Plant!

Joel Samuel:  Talented Gatherer Joel Samuel submits a ton of great content from his 1980s television show. You can find them all under the tag joelsamuelpresents. If you haven’t watched some of his videos yet, do yourself a favor and set some time aside to do so – they’re great! Also check out this video of Joel performing a Cat Stevens classic.

George Corneliussen: You’ve probably seen George’s funny cartoon, Corn Dog – but did you know he also jams? Check out this video of a house jam and this performance video.

Ron Hall:  Ron Hall’s videos are always a treat – my favorite is With Whom They Please,  a love song that expresses a beautiful sentiment. In the words Ron used to describe the song: “The gender of the friend is left purposely ambiguous, because this is a love song, and love is love. As we discard our liberties, I draw the line at love.” Also check out Tick Tick Tick, You Were Strangers Too, and Easy On The Eyes. 

Todd L: Todd’s music video, “Help Me” features a song by his band No Faces and is very professionally produced. Though the description states that they were signed then dropped due to internal band problems,  there’s obviously a lot of talent showcased in this production. 

Dale C: You may remember Dale from our Soundtracking Karaoke special! Dale’s rich singing voice is showcased in this video karaoke rendition of I Love This Bar.

Nippy Katz: This wonderful recording of Statesboro Blues is audio only, and features Nippy on 12 string and vocals.  

Vintage Songs:
Listen to vintage songs, straight from the record! George Corneliussen‘s old record videos are great for listening to music you might otherwise never hear. Copyright has expired on these sweet tunes, making them fair game to be recorded and shared.   You can even watch a cartoon from 1935 featuring Momma Don’t Allow No Music Playin’ Round Here by Smiley Burnette!

 Also check out:
Texas Jim Robertson’s Rubber Knuckle Sam (1950)
Texas Jim Lewis’ Wine, Women, and Song (1940)
Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang’s Wild Cat (1928)
Wingy Manone’s Oh Say, Can You Swing? (1937)
Dick Contino’s Caravan (1950)
Enrico Caruso’s A Dream (1920)


Educational Content:
Have you ever heard of a kalimba? Want to learn how to play one? Ron Hall talks about this amazing instrument, and teaches us how to play in these educational videos:

Introduction to the Kalimba
Kalimba lesson two


Do you know your classical musicians? Dan R. has been posting a content series with biographies of classical musicians. Learn about:

Gustav  Mahler
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Claude Debussy
Antonin Dvorak
Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky Korsakov

Todd L. often posts very in-depth biographies and histories of various artists. Would you like to know the history of Judas Priest, or read a biography of Luther Vandross?

Timothy V.  published a biography of ZZ Top and asked readers to comment with their favorite ZZ Top song.

Jason Keaveny, Gather music editor, spent the day with Dee Dee Bridgewater touring historic Boston, and posted a photo essay of the experience.

Sophie S. shared a link to a Pandora-like website that specializes in the latin music genres. She also runs a great latin music group on Gather, Musica Latina.

Yorgo D, Gather music correspondent, discusses Radiohead and the music industry.

Peggy S. is working on a Better than Ezra tribute book and is seeking fan contributions.


Interviews and Reviews:
Todd L reviews the CMA Music Awards and speaks about the changing sound of country music. “No longer do we have to ‘cry in our beer’ – the upbeat music and the contemporary lyrics have made country music once again a very viable revenue source, not to mention a pleasure to listen to.”

Mike Cole published a great review of Jimmy Eat World’s new CD “Chase This Light.”  He also published an excellent review of Bruce Springsteen’s Magic.

Paul W. talks about John Mellencamp’s new song Jena, and its stand against racism. Paul runs a group to discuss tolerance that can be found at

Kerry Dexter, Gather music correspondent, reviews the band Back of the Moon.

Bradley B. reviewed Across the Universe, the Beatles-themed musical movie sensation. Want another viewpoint? Check out this review by Austin Cushing.

Mary Beth Magee published this great essay entitled Everything I Needed To Know About Music, I Learned From Liberace.

Chuck M. published this review of the Full Motion Animation CD. “Take musical influences covering all genres, shake them up, mix them in a blender and out spits a band called Full Motion Animation or FMA for short. ” Chuck has also reviewed Sinners and Saints by The Sixth Degree and Meshell Ndegocello’s The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams. 

Luke L. wrote two very nicely detailed reviews of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine and VAST’s Visual Sensory Audio Theater. 

Yorgo D, Gather music correspondent, reviewed Jon Scofield’s This Means That. 


I published some concert videos from the Ozma concert Aus and I went to this summer.  Watch The Landing of Yuri Gagarin, Tetris Theme, and Incarnation Blues.

Keri Dexter, Gather music correspondent,  published an article about Irish Christmas in America Concerts.

Nippy Katz reviewed the Philharmonica Baroque concert in Santa Barbara, CA.

Susan E. tells us about seeing Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra in concert.

Joel Samuel presents this concert video of latino band Zum Zum Zum recorded in 1985. Other great concert videos submitted by Joel include Small Paul & Drivin Wheel, Joe Myers, and Surgical Steel.

 We also get a lot of concert photos, like these nice shots:
Laura Cushing with Rilo Kiley
Tish Hinojosa by Kerry Dexter
Cinderella by Chuck M.
40th Anniversary Summer of Love by Trudy P
In Tenebris by Jennifer N.
Donny Osmond by Kim Simcock
Pete of No More Kings by No More Kings
AM by Stevie W.

Music News:

Members frequently keep us advised about upcoming festivals, concerts and CD releases.

Jason Keaveny, Gather music editor, reports that Boyz II Men are back and you will be able to hear their entire album on Gather on November 13th.

Jules B. tells us about the death of a legend, Porter Wagoner.

Lloyd Smith informed us that the Florida Folk festival was back on, and had a great lineup planned.  Hopefully he’ll also post a festival report if he attended.

Cindy D. reported the tragic death of South African reggae star Lucky Dube, who was shot while dropping his children off at school.

Chuck M. has been a frequent reporter of music news.  Among other things, he’s informed us about some excellent new CD releases, Flyleaf’s double disc limited edition album, Duran Duran’s new release, Carrie Underwood singing with Vince Neil, and a Kid Rock Media Blitz.


And much, much more…

 Check out more music-themed articles, photos and videos in the Soundtracking group! Thank you to everyone who has joined and submitted content – your participation has made Soundtracking one of the largest and most successful music groups on Gather!


Soundtracking Columns:
In addition to all this great member content,  the Soundtracking group also contains my weekly Soundtracking column.

The first Soundtracking column was published on January 30th, 2007. On average, it takes me 3-5 hours to put a column together (research, formatting, writing, linking things in).  I try to write weekly, though there’s been a week or two I take off, ’cause life gets hectic. The title ‘Soundtracking’ was suggested by a friend (I chose it out of about 20 title suggestions I recieved total when I asked what I should name my new column). The first Soundtracking logo was drawn by artist Jeff Swiggum. The current set of logo and coordinated accessories I use was created by our own Kevin V.

Here’s a sampling of past  Soundtracking columns:

 Interviews with:
Grammy winner Marc Cohn (live chat!)
No More Kings (video interview!)
Adam Merin of The 88
Star Wick and Daniel Brummel of Ozma
Pierre de Reeder of Rilo Kiley
The Yellowbird Project
Dale C. (Karaoke special!) 


  Reviews of:
Dee Dee Bridgewater’s Red  Earth
Joe Satriani’s Surfing With The Alien
Deborah Cox’ Destination Moon

Paula Cole’s Courage
Alison Krauss’ A Hundred Miles Or More

Interpol concert in Atlantic City
MySpace Music
(various artists on MySpace)


Songs About Money
Music to Protest By

Music to Quit Your Job By
Music to Laugh By
Music to Write By

Music to Walk By

Free Streaming Music
Five Hundred Members
Elvis vs Elvis
We 7 
Your First Concert
Music That Changed You



Beach Boys Lithograph giveaway
Elvis Costello poster and Elvis Presley CD giveaway


Have you submitted something to Soundtracking that you want readers to know about? Got a favorite I didn’t mention?  Leave a comment and a link to let us know!


Join us in the
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