Source: Rihanna, Katy Perry Having ‘Gay Affair!’ What About Chris Brown?

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Rihanna and Katy Perry are having a ‘gay affair?’ Now that’s a new one! Talk about crazy tabloid rumors. And to think RiRi and Chris Brown were supposed to be the ones hooking-up!

The fine folks at Truthquake News decided to thow a story against the wall, hoping it would stick. They are claiming that Katy Perry grabbed right ahold of RiRi’s hand and (as they claim) stuck it right in her “crotch.” Of course, the photo that they reference is really of Perry innocently holding Ri’s hand in her lap.

No lesbian lovers to be seen here, right? Leave it to someone to make something out of nothing. Were RiRi and Katy Perry really kissing and all over each other at the 2012 VMAs? Aren’t the girls allowed to hug and give each other a friendly kiss to say hello? Perhaps RiRi’s hand accidentally slipping to Katy Perry’s butt!

“Katy began their touchy-feely night…Rihanna put one hand on Katy’s butt like a lover,” claimed the source. Good grief! Talk about making something out of nothing. The odds of Katy and RiRi being lesbian lovers is slim to none, and none just left the building!

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