South Carolina Aquarium – Charleston, SC

While we were visiting Charleston, SC a trip to the Aquarium was a must.  This is a really nice aquarium with more than just fish.  They have a nice display for otters, a beautiful bald eagle that I posted an essay of here, many turtles, birds, and an albino alligator,  all of which I’ll post about later.  Of course I took way too many photos and most of them aren’t very suitable for showing here.  There’s always that flash reflection, or if you don’t use a flash the photo isn’t clear enough to actually be interesting.  I’ve picked out what I thought were pretty interesting fish photos to share here in this photo essay. 

Albino Alligator – this was the best picture I could get ;(

Penguin display – this was a large tank and the penguins just swam up and down.  I think there is food down the bottom below the glass.

I prefer seeing the penguins outdoors myself.

Big Catfish


Moray Eel, I always like seeing these guys.

Eek, Shark

Pretty assortment of fish.


I have no idea what kind of fish this is but I thought it was pretty.

Sea turtles, there were a lot of these guys.




Lobster, this was so pretty in the lights, it had a purple hue to it but it didn’t show with or without the flash.

Another fish I don’t know the name of but the tank was pretty and the fish was neat.

Seahorse – my photos of these guys never come out good.  I took about ten photos but this is the only one that is half way decent.

The next few are from a please touch tank that the children loved.

Another “mystery fish”

I hope you enjoyed these few photos and if you go to Charleston I hope you’ll visit the aquarium, it’s an excellent trip.

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