South Carolina Fast Food

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In Spartanburg is a restaurant known as the Beacon. It opened it’s doors Thanksgiving of 1946. It uses 3 tons of onions a week, 3 tons of potatoes a week, and 4 tons of beef, pork, and seafood a week. It has been visited by Gearge H Bush, Jimmy Carter, Ross Perot, among others. John B White Sr is so famous that they named Riedville Rd where the Beacon is to John B White Sr Boulevard. As famous in the area is J.C Strobel, the caller, a legally blind gentleman who keeps the line moving. Taking your order and calling it out to the kitchen, and then telling you to walk on down the line, where moments later your food is waiting. Serving it’s own named Beacon Burger, a double chili cheeseburger with extras. The A-Plenty plate which is a handfull of Fries and Onion rings added to your sandwich, and they have big hands in the kitchen, I’d say it’s best to share the A-Plenty by getting one A-Plenty plate and a second sandwich for your companion. Seafood, inclucing Perch, Catfish, and Flounder. And plenty of BBQ in the form of sliced beef and pork, pulled pork, outside chop pork, and hash. Of course you have to wash it down with Beacon Tea, which they sell more of then any restaurant in the United States, good southern sweet tea.
The Beacon is the epitome of Carlina Fast Food, in that basically it is a BBQ joint, bringing you slow cooked meats, with the smokey bar-b-que taste, and their own home made sauces, mild or spicy. Remember, inj the south, Bar-B-Que is a way of cooking, not a sauce. If you go further south to Columbia, you find the mustard based sauce, and to eastern North Carolina, it’s the Vinegar based sauce, While in western North Carolina and the upstate of South Carolina it is the tomato based sauce.
Back to the BBQ joint in the upstate. You have places like the Beacon, and chains like Carolina Bar-B-Cue, and small restaurants like Holden’s Ranch, which is around the corner from where I live. Being from Philly area, the best way to describe how they populate the area is to compare it to Hoagie and Steak shops that are all around Philly and the Suburbs. The Beacon is the Pat’s Steaks of the area. There are a lot of other places to get your sandwiches, some may be as good, some you stay away from, but in the Carolinas, if you want good fast food, get yourself a BBQ sandwich, and do the Carolina version of the Pat’s Steak lean.

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