‘Southern Nights’ Episode 2 Recap

In the premiere for Southern Nights, the new roomies met, bonded, bickered, and partied. Landon ended up in the hospital after a bar fight. Collin cleaned up puke and went to bed alone. Tristan and Cody arrived together and announced they were dating, and also showed their Christian values. A love triangle between Jersey, Cassie, and Flex was formed. Let’s see what the new roomies do this week.

Landon entered the house after spending time in the hospital. He said he missed Cassie the most.

They went to the gym and recognized Erica at the front desk, from the other night. She was the drunk girl with Collin who threw up on their couch. He hung back to talk to her while the others went in to work out. He asked her to come by the house later.

In the gym, Collin and Landon were watching Cassie in the mirror. Landon could barely keep his tongue in his mouth. Collin went over to talk to her and teased her about working out with Flex last week. She thinks Collin is hot, but Landon is not. When Collin was walking away, Landon yelled out to her, “You’re looking a little flabby, you need to get another real work-out in.”

Believe it or not, that was Landon’s idea of flirting.

Cassie was offended and was close to tears talking to Devin and Kristina.

When Landon learned she took it seriously, he apologized and told her he had a thing for her. She shot him down—hard.

Devin received a bouquet of roses from the guy she was kind of dating and learned he planned on visiting her. When she put the flowers out for everyone to enjoy, Jersey challenged her on her relationship status. She defended herself and explained it was complicated.

That night they went out for dinner at a club. The local guys asked the girls to dance. Flex was jealous and said they had good guys in the house and didn’t need to find dates. Although, that’s not what he was saying when he was making out in the hot tub with a local girl last week.

Kristina called out Collin for still having feelings for Devin.

When Cody and Tristan returned to the table after a slow dance, some old dude sauntered up to him and stole his hat. Cody was clearly upset and yelled at the guy. Tristan gently demanded the hat back and then told the old guy to go sit down.

The next day, Tristan had to leave to go back to nursing school.

Courtney, Cody, Jersey, and Landon decided to go out that night. Everyone else stayed in for some chill time.

Some girls they met on the first night were at the club. One girl, Tara hung all over Landon, but as soon as he went to the bathroom, she moved in on Jersey. Jersey sent her away. When Jersey let him know what she did, Landon didn’t believe him.

Back at the house, Erica showed up to visit Collin. They all went in the hot tub. Collin and Devin flirted, even though he had another girl there.

The group that went out returned to the house with the girls. Tara was plastered. Jersey ignored the girls Landon brought home.

Landon and Tara were being loud and Jersey told them to go upstairs. He said he wanted to be left alone. Tara tried to stir up trouble with him, but he again told her to just go upstairs. Landon started mouthing off to him. He talked back, but didn’t get up from his chair. Landon started running his mouth to Collin and Erica about Jersey being all over his girl at the club. That got Jersey out of his chair. He let them know that wasn’t the way it happened. Tara got in his face and he went around her to talk to Landon.

Cody heard the noise, came out of his room, and sat at the top of the stairs to watch the fight. Devin joined him.

Jersey poked Landon on the chest and yelled, “I would never disrespect you like that.” Landon pushed him across the room. Jersey refused to back down and continued that she touched him and he would never disrespect Landon like that. He started yelling to get her out of his house.

Collin and Flex pulled Jersey back.

Cassie and Flex went outside to talk to Jersey and help calm him down. Jersey declared that Landon showed his true bro code and they weren’t friends anymore.

Landon tried to get Tara to go upstairs and cuddle, but she blew him off and left with her friend.

Erica spent the night in the penthouse with Collin. Kristina woke them up in the morning and Erica showed no shame for being there. Kristina was the perfect hostess and went out of her way to make Erica feel welcome, but Collin booted her out the door without fixing her breakfast and gave her the, “I’ll call you” line.

The next day, Jersey and Landon clasped hands, chest bumped, and supposedly made up.

While the girls were out having a pampering day at the spa, the guys fixed dinner for them. Any differences were set aside as they sat down for dinner and joined hands for the blessing.

The next day, they cruised the waters on a large boat. Devin and Collin slipped away from everyone else and discussed where they were at with each other. He admitted that feelings were still there. Do you get the feeling Erica and Cassie need to find a new direction?

Watch next week to see what happens next on Southern Nights. Will Collin and Devin rekindle an old flame? Will Cassie give Flex or Jersey a chance? Will the guys find some local girls with a bit more class? What do you think?

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