‘Southern Nights’ Premiere Recap

Southern Nights, the spinoff with ten of the bachelors and bachelorettes from Sweet Home Alabama began with an episode as hot as the title implies. Irritation occurred. Tempers flared. Hormones raged. There was even a drunken bar fight.

Devin, season one bachelorette was the first to arrive at the house. She’s looking to make friends from the experience.

Collin, who was one of the bachelors in Devin’s season was the next to arrive. He gave her a big hug and in a personal interview, he admitted he has a soft spot in his heart for her.

Cassie, a bachelorette from season two was excited to meet Devin. The farmer’s daughter wasn’t there for the drama, but said it always seemed to find her.

Courtney, one of the sweethearts from season two arrived next. She was thrilled to see Cassie again.

Cassie asked if anyone was in a relationship and Devin said she was kind of in one, but only kind of.

Michael, who goes by “Flex” arrived, and Collin was not happy to see him.

Cody and Tristan were the next to enter the house. They grew up down the road from each other, and have known each other since they were little. Cody is from Devin’s season, and Tristan is the winner of season two. Do they add sugar in the water in Robertsdale, Alabama? They are two of the sweetest people to ever be on television!

Cassie didn’t know Tristan and Tribble weren’t together anymore and was surprised to see her enter with Cody.

Jeff, who goes by “Jersey,” came down to party. He was from season one, but seemed more interested in Cassie than Devin.

Landon, the huge guy who asked Paige to marry him in season three, showed up to party with everyone.

Kristina, who is known as “OClicious” flew out from California to have some fun with her friends from season two and to meet the others.

Jersey was the first one to get drunk.

Cassie promised that she and Jersey were going to be the party coaches for the house.

Collin told the girls he didn’t have feelings for Devin anymore, but they didn’t believe him.

Tristan and Cody both said they wouldn’t be sharing a bed in the house, because of their Christian values. Cody said he had too much respect for her to even consider it, but loved to cuddle with her.

That night they all went out to party and meet the locals.

Some girls were hitting on Cody and asking him about his buckle, and Tristan didn’t seem amused by it. Ha! She called them “Buckle Bunnies!” Hysterical.

When the group left the bar, the guys invited girls from the bar back to the house. The girls in the house were mad once they realized the local girls were putting on their swimsuits without even asking. Gross!

After everyone went to bed, Jersey stumbled in the girls’ room drunk, and crawled into bed with Cassie.

The next morning, the house was a wreck.

Jersey stumbled downstairs wrapped in a blanket to get some water.

Later at the gym, Jersey and Cassie were working out together. He was bragging in a personal interview that he knew she was feeling him. Then, Flex came in and offered to be her personal trainer, and she took off with him. Jersey looked shocked. He said in a personal interview that he knew she was attracted to him and planned on playing hard to get with her. Now won’t that be fun to watch that little triangle play out?

Tristan and Cody were cuddled up on a bench talking about their relationship. She didn’t want it to move too fast.

The group went out again that night, and the guys hoped the girls in the house wouldn’t put an end to their fun again.

At the bar, Cody said Jersey had more game than a PS3. Ha!

The people in the bar were territorial about their turf and didn’t like the group there. When someone pushed Collin, it started a brawl. Even Cody jumped into the fight. Jersey didn’t understand how the south could be known for southern hospitality.

Collin took some girl home from the bar and she threw up on the couch repeatedly. Collin put her in a cab and said he wanted to see her again. Really?

Flex and Jersey both made out in the hot tub with girls from the bar.

Landon, who was slammed to the floor by one of the security guards at the bar started urinating blood. Tristan ordered him to go to the hospital. He laughed at her, but that didn’t make the feisty nursing student back down. His roomies finally talked him into going to the hospital. Viewers won’t learn his fate until the next episode.

Collin went to bed alone after cleaning up puke.

Tristan and Cody had words about him jumping into the fight at the bar. He’s not a fighter, but said he had to help his buddy. She was also mad at him for running his mouth about their business to the others. He admitted in the personal interview that he was wrong. It’ll be interesting to watch this relationship play out, especially with their Christian values while being in a party environment.

What did you think of Southern Nights? Is it your new guilty pleasure? Do you want to see any of them hook up together?

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