Soy is ruining the planet?

Soy has become big business.  With big business comes environmental destruction on a big scale.  Cargill is mowing down Brazil to plant soybeans like never before.

It used to be that logging and cattle ranching was the main cause of the rain forests to be cut down.

Much of the Amazon is being destroyed, nearly three-quarters of it illegally. Much of the acreage was sold to soy producers, financed by Cargill, the largest privately owned company in the whole world.

Brazil has become the world’s leading exporter of soy. In 2005, Brazil produced more than 50 million tons of it.

In 2004, Brazil was in the top four global greenhouse-gas producers — because of the smoke from burning trees.

In the seven years since Cargill opened a port in the city of Santarem, deforestation in the surrounding area has increased 511 percent.  Brazilians say, “We used to fight the loggers, but the loggers eat the Amazon in small bites. The soy is eating the Amazon in big bites.”

Are vegetarians ruining the planet?  No.  99% of all soybeans used in the U.S. are for animals.  (Most of our own corn production goes for that, too).

Don’t eat agribusiness meat. Eat organic tofu.  And there’s also a lot of other yummy beans to eat.  There’s already a lot of farm space out there.  Real farms don’t mow down the Amazon.

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