Spaghetti Tacos Find Young Fans

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It’s a combination that most adults wouldn’t find appealing. It is the marriage of two foods that young eaters tend to be fond of, though.

Tacos stuffed with spaghetti have become a bit of a craze amongst the younger set.

Spaghetti tacos started as a joke on the hit Nickelodeon series “iCarly.” However, the gag has taken on a culinary life of its own.

The New York Times notes that, “That punch line [from the series] has now become part of American children’s cuisine, fostering a legion of imitators and improvisers across the country. Spurred on by reruns, Internet traffic, slumber parties and simple old-fashioned word of mouth among children, spaghetti tacos are all the rage. Especially if you’re less than 5 feet tall and live with your mother.”

While the dish has been described as the “unholy alliance” of the two popular foods, it has actually garnered such popularity that a Facebook page with more than 1,400 fans (as well as several other pages with smaller followings) has sprung up for the unusual culinary creation.

There are also various takes on the dish. There are even dessert versions.

Have you taken the plunge and tried spaghetti tacos? Have your children been clamoring for them?

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