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Green sauce? On spaghetti? But not pesto?

No, not pesto. Nor spinach.

The humble split pea…


Wait, don't go away – it's delicious!


I started with split peas, which I rinsed thoroughly.


Let them soak in plenty of water for 4 – 5 hours.

Then simmer till soft – this takes at least 90 minutes, unless you let them soak overnight. No salt till they are done – otherwise it takes even longer.


Once they are nice and soft, stir to break them up and turn them to mush. 

Now comes the fun part. Split peas are not subtle. They can handle plenty of spice. I used garlic, granulated vegetable broth, Season All, lemon juice and plenty of fresh pepper. 

Then I stirred in a large dollop of coconut cream.



Serve over hot pasta – I used whole wheat spaghetti, but choose your favorite 

Jazz it up with sliced onions, sautéed in olive oil.


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