Spare The Room

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Spare the room
Pink elephants dance in the moon
I don’t want to be friends with the other pretty girls, she said
I want someone who sympathizes with the monsters in my head
With the stranger under my bed

Spare the room
She screamed
Pink elephants enter the scene
Emily stay nice to me
I don’t want to date the real boys
I want to date the man who belongs to the voice

What’s it like inside your head, little one?
What does it feel like to see colors come undone?
Imagine everything on Earth has a soul
From plants and animals to forks and kitchen bowls
Now imagine the souls all want to speak
But they only speak to me
The pink elephants peer through the window
Some are bad, some are good
But no one else understood

Spare the room
Though it brings her tears
It’s the nightmare within that eases her fears

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