Special Bedtime Moments

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Ever since my kids are born I have done a bedtime routine that I don’t hardly break.









I used to be obsessed about doing bath EVERY night, but since I have had my daughter I switched to every other day.  Bath time is ALWAYS fun because we sing & play with bath toys…swim…the kids LOVE bath & it’s the best time of day because it’s the most time I spend with them ALL day.  I usually am working so bath time is when we get to visit.


















The next step is I always get them ready for bed RIGHT after bath.  We brush teeth & we brush them in the “spinny chair”.  Which is the computer chair haha.  We hang them upside down and brush their teeth.  Works like a charm.  Then when they are done getting their teeth brushed we spin the chair pretty fast & then when the chair stops they get tickled.  The kids LOVE it.

After teeth I make sure they go potty.  They do pretty good…we are still working on Amelia getting potty trained.

Then we go in their room and I will sing some songs with them & we read our scriptures.  After that I read one story for each kid.  Then we sing one last song and we say our prayers.

















I will put them in bed and give them kisses and hugs.  I let them hug each other too & they love each other so much!









I will turn on Enya music & turn out the lights.  They go to bed so well!









Daddy sometimes lets them read their own books before we turn out the lights.  With me I don’t do it because the kids argue more…maybe when they are older they can, but at their age I like them to go to bed haha!








So that’s it.  I have timed the bedtime routine to be about an hour a night, but it’s a good time.  I hope my kids know how much I love them & how much fun I have with them every night.  I am glad they are doing a contest because this topic is one I LOVE.  ;o)

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