spectacle mwe 7/8/12

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The political candidate approaches the podium after much fanfare from the audience. The arena is packed to capacity for his final speech before the next weeks elections.

There is much cheering from one side of the arena and equal amounts of booing from the other. The candidate tries too grab the audiences attention so he can start his speech. He is so sure he will beat the incumbent soundly that he doesn’t hesitate to start the character assassination of his opponent. His supporters are cheering wildly as he takes down the current leader of the country point by point.  Simultaneous booing and cheering ensues. The candidate cannot continue over the roar of the crowd. It is so loud that no one hears a shot ringing out. No one notices that anything is amiss until a patch of red spreads across the candidates chest and he wavers for thirty seconds before falling. A melee breaks out in the arena; the screaming gets louder as supporters are looking for the shooter, in the and heckling the opponents across the room shouting for justice for the dead or dying candidate.

The melee turns into a fullfledged riot as fights break out between the two opposing sides. This is more exciting than a fight in a scoreless hockey game. The police are out in full force rounding up the fighters while the candidate is taken away by the paramedics. Someone comes to the podium and a hush falls over the remaining crowd as it is announced that the candidate was killed. The perpetrator was caught trying to leave the building. His name was John Wilkes Booth the fifth.

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