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                            YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL

In the name of fairness, Governor Palin is fresh, attractive, seductive, articulate, clever, gutsy, bold, apparently fearless, and driven.  That's the surface. Now what about the dark side which all of us have.

I hope I will not be called an anti feminist but I am highly suspicious of a mother of 5 children including her latest baby, a self proclaimed "soccor mom," who is willing and indeed eager to putting the highest priority of her energies into having the second most responsible position of power in the world.

The theory that anyone can have it all – be a nurturing family person, as well as being the Vice President of the United States – is a seductive fantasy but just that a seductive fantasy.

I imagine when the facts start to emerge – this charming women is likely to be revealed as power hungry and probably ruthless.

If I am right then I hope what I suspect the true facts of her character emerge before all of us are faced with a nightmare of incalcuable proportions.

If I am wrong about my suspicions and she is elected, McCain dies in office and she becomes the President and is a female incarnation of Lincoln I will apologize to all concerned.

At the moment I am frightened by what appears to be an undisquised manipulation to mystify independent women to vote Republican.

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