Spencer Grammer Loves Being Pregnant!

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Spencer Grammer, daughter of actor Kelsey Grammer, makes no secret about being one of those women who just basks in the glow of pregnancy!

Whlie there are clearly those who just look large and in charge (not to mention uncomfortable and swollen!), there are some that love the experience, feeling every bit of the glowing, beaming stereotype, and the 27-year-old Greek actress is definitely the latter!

“It’s a great, beautiful thing that I’m really enjoying, and think every woman should enjoy.”

Then again, she’s only five-and-a-half months pregnant currently, so not yet oversized, unable to sleep or get comfortable and constantly being approached by strangers in the middle of the summer heat. Perhaps when Spencer Grammer gets a bit closer to the end of her pregnancy, she’ll be singing a different tune?

Until then, it can definitely be said that Spencer Grammer is looking like an adorable pregnant twenty-something, and rightfully enjoying this time in her life!

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