Spencer Pratt Arrested in Costa Rica

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Former reality TV star, Spencer Pratt, was arrested in Costa Rica on Saturday. Pratt was on his way back to the U.S. when authorities arrested him for possession of an illegal firearm. It was reported that the 27-year-old reality star was booked at a local jail and later released. 

Just in case anybody wondered if Pratt had anything at all intelligent to say about his arrest, never fear, he didn’t. 

“Costa Rican jail smells like children’s tears. And soup. Delicious soup,” Pratt twittered after the news broke. “If I knew the gov’t was Team Jacob, I would’ve kept my mouth shut.” 

Of course, Pratt claims that it was all simply a misunderstanding. He later gave TMZ a strange statement to try and explain the confusion.

“As part of my spiritual cleansing I’ve spent the last week living alone in the jungle, reflecting on my past transgressions, and working to become a better person. I had to live off the land, and hunt to survive. . .”

“As I departed the country this morning to continue my spiritual journey, I mistakenly brought my hunting weapons to the airport. It was an honest mistake, and they sent me on my way,” he added. “On an unrelated note, I’m not allowed in the country anymore — but that’s because of the chicken incident.”

According to MSNBC, the reality TV star’s arrest comes on the heels of his public apology to his wife, Heidi Montag, for trying to sell a sex tape of the couple. He has called his behavior since the couple’s break up, “outrageous and infantile.”

Surely, there are about a million other words to describe Pratt’s behavior, but for the moment those two will have to suffice. Pratt has been nothing but a greedy fame seeker, and his consistent ability to make a fool of himself never fails to amaze anybody. Just when you think you’re safe from having to see or hear about him, he keeps coming back for more. He’s like an infestation of cockroaches, he just won’t go away.

42942, MALIBU, CALIFORNIA - Sunday July 25 2010. Former The Hills star Spencer Pratt leaves a shop in Malibu after buying himself a surfboard. Is this a prop for the romantic comedy he has been filming on El Matador Beach? Photograph: Josephine Santos, PacificCoastNews.com

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