Spices, More Than Just Flavor

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Spice and Herb Research Indicates that the foods you eat can make or break your health! The latest research shows that many diseases can be stopped and/or reversed by changing the food you eat, especially using healing herbs and spices.

I used to use the same spices and herbs over and over in my cooking. That was until my health took a turn to the not so good. After several heart attacks, high blood pressure and cholesterol, I began searching for natural means to help my body be healthier.

I began slowly. I knew the Mediterranean way of eating was considered by experts to be the healthiest of many. I started with a few spices I was familiar with and had used. Oregano, Basil, and switched from using vegetable oil to Olive Oil, pure virgin cold pressed Olive Oil.

Now my daily cooking includes lots of spices that have actually made meals much tastier and I like knowing I have improved my own health tremendously.

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