Spider-Man Actress Injured: Natalie Mendoza Suffers Concussion

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The “Spider-Man” Broadway show has now seen its third actor injured.  Just recently it was confirmed that Natalie Mendoza, the actress who plays Arachne, was injured while performing in the show this past week.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 28: Actresses Natalie Mendoza and T.V. Carpio leave the theater after the opening night preview of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark at the Foxwoods Theater on November 28, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/Getty Images)

The news arrives via Fox News, who reports Mendoza (pictured), was able to perform Wednesday, but started to feel ill on Thursday and was unable to be a part of the show.  Apparently she was hit on the head by a rope during the first preview of the show Sunday night causing a concussion for the actress.  Mendoza will now be unable to perform for at least a week, with her understudy America Oliva taking over for her.  The play is still trying to get all the glitches worked out before it becomes an official show.

As mentioned above it’s the third injury on the “Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark” Broadway show.  Previously actor Kevin Aubin broke both wrists, and another actor broke his foot.  The show has yet to officially open, but is scheduled for a January 11th Broadway debut.  All these injuries make it sound like one of the more dangerous shows to be a part of, although there have been incidents reported during other shows.  The question is will “Spider-Man” be healthy enough to marvel theater goers with its entertaining play, or will they simply run out of actors to fill in?  Maybe another superhero will need to save the day!


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