Spiders and Dragon Flies

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The last of my photos taken August 11th at Huntington Beach State Park are a couple of spiders and dragonflies.  These can be found along the trail in back of Atalaya along with the alligators and moorehens.  You have to be careful when you step off the trail and peek through the bushes and trees trying to see what is lurking in the marsh because you feel the spider’s webs before you see them.  When you see how large they are it’s amazing.  The dragonflies are all over and not too difficult to get a few decent photos of.  There is a nice variety of colors also.  Here are a few I was able to capture with my camera.


This next one was actually among the reeds and flower bushes on the causeway.


I’ll end with a pretty sceen from the trail, looking through the woods.

It looks like it’s time for another trip!



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