Spiders, Yikes!

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My theory about phobias is that whatever your phobia is then that is what will follow you around.  It’s true, it’s true.  If you have a phobia about snakes then snakes will show up in your yard, in your house, they will be everywhere you go, they will follow you around, they will run across the highway in front of your car, etc. etc.

I have a spider phobia.  I hate spiders.  I hate big spiders and little spiders.  I hate spiders.  I spray my house once a week and I also have an exterminator come out and spray each year about the middle of April, just in case.  They still manage to find me.  There were two tiny ones on my kitchen counter top last week who didn’t live to see daylight and there was a small one in my bathtub about a month ago.  Where did they come from? 

Last night I was sitting in front of my TV watching an old video tape of Gone With The Wind (Clark Gable was gorgeous) when my peripheral vision detected movement on the floor about ten feet away.  I turned my head to check it out and sitting there in front of my couch as the biggest spider I have ever seen without it being a tarantula.  I quickly ran and fetched my bug spray can and when I came back, it was still there, just staring at me.  It must have been rabid because any normal spider would have fled for its life whenever I moved from my chair, but not this one.  I pointed the can and sprayed.  It ran under the couch.  I sprayed under the couch and it ran out and I got a direct hit but it ran behind a lamp table that is covered in a floor length crocheted doily. I sprayed under the doily but I didn’t see the spider.  I drenched the rest of the living room with the bug spray, all the furniture, carpet and walls.  The spider has to be dead, but I haven’t found him yet.  He may be just waiting somewhere to jump on me when I’m least expecting it.  I might start carrying my bug spray can around with me strapped to my hip like and old western gun fighter, just in case.  Yikes!  I hate spiders.



The picture of the spider is copied form “clip art” and I added the yellow stripes because the spider I saw had a big yellow stripes on its back and some yellow on its legs. Ewwwwwwwwwwww!




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