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Split upon nonsence and reality unshown.

Unseen through the eyes of the normal.

Space and time mean nothing in a

Cage locked in the womb eternal.

Hatred rampant, with a beautiful smile

While love battles the world with its sword.

Splattering hearts and shedding its skin. 

Seductive fangs whose words are venom bring

Peace to a mind still at war. 


Rest not.  Take comfort in nothing.  Relax, destroy…..enjoy. 

The cycle begins so be one with your sins as a child is one with his toy.

ENOUGH, get out, but leave the poison behind I beg you please get the hell out of my mind!

I'll take the posion and leave you to be but the hell will stay and you will be.

Your HELL is you and you are me and forever in time we shall be for escaping you is escaping me and escaping me will set you free only when you rest in peace… DON'T DO IT! STOP!

At last I am free….




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